How the Face of Heroin Addiction is Changing in Marion

Heroin addiction has continued to increase its dangerous influence all over the country to individuals of all ages, races, and walks of life says Drug Rehab Marion.  Addiction is an indiscriminate disease that can affect all types of people.  One of the demographics that are falling more into addiction recently are high school students.  The city of Marion, Illinois have started to see their high school students falling victim to heroin.

While heroin used to be a drug that was thought of as more for the bad crowd, or disadvantaged kids, it now has been spreading.  High school teens of all social strata are being affected, such as athletes, cheerleaders, and good grade students.  It is becoming more likely for high school students of all social classes to start using this deadly drug.

The Genesis of Heroin Addiction

Many individuals end up on heroin from beginning by using painkillers.  Opioid painkillers are the same family of drug as heroin and are more widely prescribed these days than ever explains Drug Rehabilitation Marion.  Kids in high school are getting prescribed these for things such as athletic injuries, or other health issues but they are also getting them from friends.  Once started on these highly addictive drugs, it can quickly become an addiction.  Being that heroin is much cheaper and more easily available, people many times end up switching to this for the same high but more accessible.


This has led to much tragedy, such as high schoolers passing away long before their time due to overdose.  Such is the case with a student in Missouri, who died due to an overdose on heroin.  He had been prescribed painkillers due to different medical issues.  He became highly addicted to these, to the point of stealing them from his friend.  Once they became less accessible, he moved to heroin, which led to his overdose eventually.

Preventing Your Child from Using Heroin

While many parents feel their child would never delve into something like painkillers or heroin, the increasing numbers are showing this may not be the case.  Whether you think they would or not, it can never hurt to talk to your child about drugs.  Take the time to sit them down and discuss this with them, it could be the key in preventing them from touching these dangerous drugs or stopping if they currently are.   Never neglect to have this discussion, because whether you believe your child would use opiates or not, you could save their life down the road just by speaking to them about it.

If you or a loved one have been struggling with addiction to heroin, other drugs, or alcohol in Marion, Illinois, let us help you in finding the treatment needed.  We know finding the proper treatment center that addresses everything needed can be tough, but we can make that process easier.  We are experienced and knowledgeable in treatment centers, and can find one that will tailor the program to the individual’s specific needs.  Do not wait, give us a call today and let us assist you or your loved one onto the road to sobriety.