Use L-Arginine Supplements for Muscular and Health Benefits

L-Arginine is amongst those 20 naturally occurring amino acids which support, manage and enhance one’s psychological functions as well as health. It greatly assists in protein synthesis throughout a human body and thus, muscle development.

It is highly popular amongst athletes and bodybuilders because of its ability to improve vasodilation and protein production within a body. This dietary supplement enhances blood circulation, general health, weight loss, energy levels, immunity system and sexual performance of a person. This amino acid is semi-essential in nature and can be obtained from food sources which are rich in protein and supplements like capsules or powder.

Where is L-Arginine used?

There are several medical settings where L-Arginine is used, such as burns, coronary artery disorders, asthma, chest pains, cognitive functions, etc. Complications like Peripheral neuropathy and diabetes are also treated with L-Arginine.


One of the major roles of L-Arginine is to convert into NO, i.e., Nitric Oxide, and enhance vasodilation effect so that blood arteries and vessels are widened and blood flow enhances. The general uses of arginine in the body of a person include the treatment of diseases and disorders like heart disease, migraine headaches, peripheral vascular disorders, Atherosclerosis, respiratory infections, erectile dysfunction and Angina.

Role in bodybuilding

L-Arginine is widely known as an effective bodybuilding supplement which stimulates the growth of one’s muscles and ensures their faster recovery. This is mainly due to the increased synthesis of NO within its body, which also improves oxygen flow by enhancing vasodilation. This compound makes it easier for nutrients like glucose to travel and circulate all the way through a human body.

After its consumption, people experience boost in their workout efficacy as well as muscular growth. It decreases fatigue experienced by a person due to intense workouts and augments the oxygen intake of muscle cells. Muscular pumps are also supported in a better way.

How should you use it?

There are few considerations which you must take into account if you wish to take the most appropriate dosage of L-Arginine. These considerations are weight, health status and conditions and age. Some of the useful dosage recommendations are listed below:-

  • For asthma, it’s oral consumption of 50 milligrams per kilograms of your body weight.
  • For cognitive functions, it’s to be taken for about 3 months orally and the dosage must be 1.6 g in a day.
  • For breast cancer, you must take the dosage of 30 g orally for 3 days.
  • For coronary artery disorders, the dosage is 9 g in a day and it must be taken in 3 dosages in equal parts. The time duration for consumption is 3 days to 6 months.
  • For erectile dysfunction, the dosage of 5 g must be consumed orally once in a day and its duration is 6 weeks.

Most of the times, one should follow the manufacturer’s directions given on a product’s labels for consumption. However, it wouldn’t hurt to take your physician’s advice for it as well, especially if you have been diagnosed with any kind of health condition.